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Used ice cream freezers

Used ice cream freezers are required to make ice cream. You can use different freezers to make ice cream. So you can give us freezers.

What are ice cream freezers?

You need a freezer to make ice cream. These freezers are very used to produce ice cream. And it is a basic requirement for making ice cream. Freezers produced by BEANISA Company are very suitable, and ice cream is produced with such high quality and high quality freezers. But what kind of freezer do you need? Do you know how these freezers work? The freezer is referred to as two models:

These two freezers are designed in capacities of 1200-400. It works with two types of gas, including ammonia and Freon. The choice of these two types of gas depends on you.


What is the characteristic of ammonia or freon freezers?

These two types of ice cream are very popular. To produce good quality ice cream, you need modern, high quality ice cream machines. But do you know where to buy? But do you know that the whole ice cream machine produced in this company is one of the best brands in the world, including Japan and Italy.

These devices are fully automatic and have a control panel or plc, which is Japanese and works without errors and with excellent capacity. Also, the gear pumps and pistons are used in this freezer, which combines the material well with the output section. You can make the most of these freezers and without creating worries in production. And you can make ice cream better and get the most out of your manpower.


used ice cream freezers

You can use these freezers to make ice cream industrially. The sales center of this machine is designed and manufactured in Iran by this reputable company. Which has changed a lot in the technology of this device. Contact us to buy the best ice cream

What Effect Do Freezers Have On Ice Cream ?

It can be said that freezers are at the heart of the ice cream factory because the freezers have a direct impact on the ice cream produced in the factory. Ice cream made with BEANISA’s freezers retains their quality because they work perfectly and do not allow the ice cream to melt.
The prices of industrial freezers are dependent on the metals used in manufacturing such as motors, thermostats, coils, compressors and alternators.
A good ice cream should have a consistent and stable texture, the ice cream should not be coarse, frozen, sandy, crisp and brittle.
Of course, all of these properties exist only in ice creams made with quality buffers.

Top Industrial Freezer

Using the best materials in machine manufacturing will ultimately produce a high quality machine. BEANISA uses the best materials for making industrial freezers and this has led many of its customers to buy other industrial ice cream machines in addition to freezers.
Those who have experience in the production of industrial ice cream are well aware that all the profit and sale of their ice cream depends on the high quality of the freezers. When the freezers are capable of producing good ice cream, it’s definitely well-formed, so the variation in ice cream shape has a direct impact on sales.

Industrial Freezer cost

Price is very important in industrial products, but more important is the quality of these products. Freezers are available in different types from 400 liters to 1200 liters at BEANISA. 400 liters are more suitable for small workshops that using rotary cup filling machines and rotary cone filling machines, but for the first time Producing industrial ice cream can also start with lower capacity freezers because it is cheaper in price.



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