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Used extruder lines for sale

Used extruder lines for sale, you can use extruder lines to produce ice cream with a delicious milk and taste. Which is one of the industrial and specialist devices of this company.

Used extruder lines

used extruder lines

Do you know where to use extruder lines? Do you have any knowledge of this device? What equipment should you use to produce ice cream? Ice cream is one of the most needed and delicious food that is used as a dessert. It has high levels of vitamins and it is better to use special and reliable devices to produce it in good quality and taste. One of the most reliable and reliable extruder lines. With it, you can easily produce ice cream at a low rate. This device has many advantages that will be transferred to you at this stage.

Used extruder lines

Different parts of this device are:

Workbench: Located outside the tunnel and is made of stainless steel, stainless steel, capable of washing and producing various types of ice cream.

Control panel: It has a central panel and has an electronic eye.

Extractor: Error and waste in this section are zero. Equipped with chocolate tanks and fruit syrup and fitted for use in ice cream. And if you want the spray can also be added.

Chains move: Designed to operate at temperatures below 50 ° C, and do not disrupt the machine.

Cooling unit: Installs outside the hall and controls the central control panel. Which can be fired by gas or ammonia.

Freezing tunnel: It is a polyurethane insulator with a galvanized coating and is resistant to cold and rot. Cold waste is zero.

Refrigerant system: Can be fired with ammonia or gas based on customer’s request. And by operators, the cold is provided.

Packing: Packing machine is at the bottom and without human intervention ice cream is packed with cellophane.

Used extruder lines

Used extruder lines for sale

You can contact this company to purchase this device. The company is one of the most reputable in the industry. And export all kinds of devices to the Middle East.

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