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types of commercial ice cream machines

Buy a types of commercial ice cream machines from the best industrial producers in Iran. It is a 20-year-old ice cream machine manufacturer with strong backing.

commercial ice cream machines

You need ice cream machines to make ice cream. These devices are manufactured in Iran and with a strong silhouette. Customers from around the world can buy a variety of industrial devices from the company at a cheap price. You can get new samples from this company.

Industrial machines include ammonia freezer and freon freezer. That’s two of the best and best freezers you’ll need to make ice cream. And here’s the technical description of these two devices.

types of commercial ice cream machines

types of commercial ice cream machines

You can buy a variety of ice cream machine from Banisana Company. Ice cream maker freezers in different models and include:

  1. Ammonia freezer
  2. Freon freezer

types of commercial ice cream machines

Freezer Ice Cream Model sf 800

  1. All-steel chassis
  2. Compressor with 20 horsepower
  3. Electro-engine to power 10 horsepower
  4. Electric powertrain to power 2 hp for two piston pumps
  5. Control panel equipped with inverter or contactor
  6. Mechanical pressure indicators, digital refrigerant indicator, electromechanical controls
  7. Controls, colds, dampers and danfoss valve valves
  8. Nickel cylinder

types of commercial ice cream machines


As described above, these freezers have good features that you can use to produce ammonia or freon gases in its production. Can be changed according to customer’s request. Customers around the world can order any model of ice cream machine they are considering. To be made for them. Online sales management works to serve customers. You can contact this department and provide the necessary information for purchase and advice.

ice cream maker for business

Merchants can be linked to a factory without direct intermediaries and offer a variety of ice cream makers. With this device, you can create the best in short time. There are a few manufacturers in the world who can buy good quality devices. The engineering of these devices is not easy, and much money is needed to produce such modern devices. You can get the best from us at an excellent price. Contact management for purchase.

What does the commercial ice cream freezer have?

To make ice cream you need the right freezers. The company produces a variety of freezers and fryers with ammonia and freon. Which is made in different sizes. From 1200 to 400 liters of freezer, which has the following advantages:

  1. It is from steel
  2. Automatic
  3. You can produce any ice cream
  4. At an hour produces a large amount of ice cream
  5. Standard
  6. Can be washed
  7. Well made electronic components

Contact the sales manager to buy a freon freezer.

selling cheap types of freezer

rotary filling machine used

Another machine that you need to make ice cream is a rotary filling machine. With this machine, you can produce a variety of ice cream. And you need this device to pack or fill ice cream in containers. Which has a great price and quality. It’s a great use in the ice cream industry. It can produce the best. All industrial machinery produced in Tehran has a high capacity. And the prices that are set for them are appropriate.

Extruder lines machine

Another very important device is extruder lines. With this device you can produce wooden ice cream without interruption at 5000 to 12000 hours. Which is very ideal in terms of taste. Because the quality of the ice cream is high, the best machines are needed. So do not hesitate to contact us and contact us.

Industrial Ice Cream Machine In Russia?

Given that Russia is a neighbor of both Asian and European countries, it could become one of the largest exporters of ice cream in the world. To set up an ice cream factory, you need a salon with three-phase electricity, plumbing, sanitation and more.
After you’ve got a standard health salon , it’s time to buy the devices and get started.
We suggest you buy quality hygienic appliances because Russian people love ice cream and want to eat best quality ice cream and  good ice cream require the best raw material and best ice cream machine .
If you want a good quality and affordable ice cream machine that will work for you for many years, we suggest you buy from BEANISA company .

Best Ice Cream Machine Price In Russian

Most people in the world know the criterion of buying at a price, but this is not true of ice cream machines, as good machines all over the world will certainly have higher prices.Due to our experience in producing ice cream equipment , we are confident that 99% of those looking to buy inexpensive machines will regret it shortly.
Because the machines are made of poor quality materials, they break down very quickly, which means a huge loss in production.Everyone knows that ice cream production should not be stopped at all, as this will cause the ice cream to deteriorate and cause great frustration for the producer.
So we’re going to ask you about buying ice cream machines first and foremost looking for good quality machines and then comparing the prices of different companies after making sure the machines are working properly

How I Can Be a Ice Cream Wholesaler

How i can be a wholesaler ? This is the question you need to ask yourself as ice cream sales are generally one of the most profitable jobs in the world so you have to think about becoming an ice cream wholesaler.You need an industrial ice cream machine to be ice cream seller .
If you want to produce low capacity you need rotary machines and if you want to produce high capacity you need extrusions.
You will choose one of these models depending on the needs of your community. For the Russian people who love ice cream, you need high-capacity production and you have to buy extrusion. We suggest you buy from BEANISA because it uses the best raw materials for the device.

Rotary Ice Cream Machine

Ice-cream and lollies on stick make up a very important part of ice-cream market. BEANISA in cooperation with its customer has modified the last models and developed new and more efficient models that meet the requirement of the industry. BEANISA‘s rotary models are full automatic units for producing stick novelties and can be equipped to produce a wide range of different bar products. It’s possible to fit the different dispending and decorating stations to all 3 versions with 8, 10 and 12
rows of moulds .
The installation is designed for continuous production and is compliance with the strictest work safety standards.
The technology behind the equipment always focuses on the needs and requirements of the person who will be using the machine day after day.
All rotary models movements and components are simple accessible and
easy to understand.
BEANISA’s rotary models can be connected to refrigeration plants operating with both

Some of their features can be briefly summarized as follows:

  • Different capacity is available according to customer needs.
  • Product variations is possible by changing the shapes
    and sizes of moulds.
  • Pneumatic and electronics system provide smooth and
    reliable synchronized generation.
  • Sturdy construction, efficient design features and quality
    control in fabrication have reduced maintenance costs,
    and maximized line, efficiency.







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