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Special sale ammonia freezer SAF 1200

Special sale ammonia freezer SAF 1200 is done online. The best-priced and cheapest products are sold. And in terms of quality it has been guaranteed. That way, you can have the most production and the best quality ice cream in your company. These devices are resistant to alloys and have a long life span.


Ice cream is one of the most nutritious and high-quality nutrients for the body. Of course, customers need to know what kind of ice cream the consumer is most pleased with. Producers should be better informed than consumers. To produce the ice cream they want.


Ammonia freezer SAF 1200

This machine is manufactured based on world-class methods and the highest possible technology. It is very effective in producing high-quality industrial ice cream. The Ammonia device has provided the quality to customers. Which has distinctive features:

  1. The SAF 1200 is fully automatic.
  2. All is steel
  3. Any kind of ice cream can be produced industrially
  4. The production capacity is 1200 liters of ice cream per hour.
  5. Piston pumps and gears have been used to make it

ice cream machine

The production of this machine is made with the best raw material, which is good in terms of quality and performance. And the types of ice cream machine are produced and supplied by the company.

special sale ammonia freezer saf 1200 can be contacted right now


Special sale ammonia freezer

The company is able to keep its customers happy. And give them a good and first class good. It offers this product at reasonable prices to customers. Any manufacturer needs one of these devices at their factory.



It is recommended to buy this appliance for the production of ice cream. Your purchase can be online and linked to sales management. The information you need is given to make your orders well done.

On the other hand, after-sales service is provided for the purchased item. And the device is installed and installed at the desired location.

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