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sandwich machine for sale+price list

Sandwich machine is one of the most used machines in the ice cream industry. This machine is used to pack a sandwich type ice cream.


This machine is needed for ice cream production and packaging. Customers can buy a variety of ice cream machines at our best prices.


sandwich machine

In this section, we want to describe and apply the sandwich machine. And somewhat of the information we need to tell you.

sandwich machine

Sandwich machine

This machine is designed to produce sandwiches. That ice cream is placed between two layers of bread. And you can produce ice cream in different colors and flavors.

sandwich machine

This ice cream is of interest to the general public and it is suggested that you use this device to design and make this ice cream and buy it from the company.

  • The structure of this machine is of a kind of steel
  • Has an electronic eye for accurate ice cream cutting
  • Can be washed due to the type of alloy used
  • It is automatic
  • The accuracy is very high and the error is zero
  • There is a ss 5000 model

sandwich machine

Sale sandwich machine

What should I do to buy this device? Do you know where to get it?

To buy this car, you can connect with the site and sales management and make every model of the device you want. This car is very good quality. You can contact us for information right now.

sandwich machine


Export sandwich machine

The company has a very good background and you can apply for any device you want. Our company has a team of professionals and capabilities. Which can design a variety of devices.

sandwich machine

In addition, the devices you are looking for are built. And you will be transported to the countries of interest with the cargo you are looking for. And installed by our specialist.

sandwich machine

All of the company’s goals are to produce the best machine for customers and to reduce the concerns and problems of customers in delicious ice cream production.

best sandwich maker

In Iran sandwich maker is produced by the best builders. This machine is required to produce sandwich ice cream.

You will be able to produce the best ice cream in short time. You need a variety of equipment. You need to contact reputable and manufacturer of various types of machines to purchase this equipment.

commercial sandwich maker

What are the best sandwich maker in the world?

Ice cream making machines are produced in the world, which is limited to industrial ice cream makers. But Iran is one of the leading countries in the production of a variety of ice cream makers and you can buy any kind of device with the best quality and price from us in a short time.

Therefore, it is recommended to contact sales management for the sale of a variety of sandwich makers.

sandwich maker recipes

The ice cream machine is produced in Iran under the supervision of the best engineers. Each of these professionals has the ability to produce a variety of devices in accordance with international standards.

You can contact us in short time to buy and procure the best industrial machinery. Of course, the instructions for using industrial machines in the field of ice cream are explained to the buyers and even installed in the desired place.

commercial sandwich maker

Where can you buy a commercial ice cream sandwich maker?

One of the best companies that you can buy a variety of industrial machines is Beanisa. In this way, you can buy the best ice cream sandwich machine of the highest quality.

Our goal is to create the best device that is easy to set up and that the workers can easily work with it and have a long lifespan. You can buy the best machines from Iran and from the best manufacturers.

commercial ice cream making equipment in Iran

You can buy any of these industrial machines from Iran at reasonable prices. Iran is one of the best industrial countries in the industry and has been able to produce the best sandwich maker at a good price and available to customers around the world.

All of the equipment you need can be obtained from us, and each of these devices are manufactured in the best quality and have many advantages, which include:

  1. Standard
  2. Cheap
  3. Automatic
  4. It has the best parts
  5. Made of stainless steel
  6. Easy setup
  7. It’s easy to work with

You can easily buy the best machines and produce the best ice cream with them. We are one of the famous manufacturers in Iran that we have been able to provide the best industrial machinery to date.

sandwich machine

ice cream sandwich maker

You can buy this device from Iran with different capacities and you can produce ice cream at a certain number of times, and the quality of ice cream is very high and made up of different parts, each with a unique functionality and use. You can buy this industrial machine with great prices from this company. Our recommendation is to contact us and order each one of these machines.

sandwich machine

Buy ice cream sandwich maker commercial

Buy ice cream maker is a must for any ice cream maker. In making this ice cream, the combination of wafer and ice cream has made this delicious food a higher nutritional value, so many people around the world are more interested in buying this type of ice cream. So we conclude that any ice cream company should have a sample of sandwich ice cream machines.

BEANISA‘s ice cream sandwich maker has several different models and designs.
The cheapest and simplest model of this machine produces 2 ice cream per hour.

Ice cream produced in quality freezers is then cut into molds and placed on a special wafer. Immediately a second wafer is placed on the ice cream and is packaged and ready for sale.

This type of machine is very suitable for small ice cream shops. But for large companies that produce ice cream at high capacity, they need to use our two-line and three-line single-line machines.

machine for the production of
sandwich ice cream.
Equipped with:

  • Two rotary biscuit distributor systems.
  • Two ice cream cutting systems.
  • Two robotic systems with six pneumatic grippers which functions in two movements;
    first movement is in the direction of the tray, the second movement is vertical to that.
  • These exact movements are controlled by the drives of two servo motors and completely hygienic ice creams are dropped to the
    wrapping machines.
  • Two six row wrapping machines with color mark optic system.
  • The production capacity is 12,000 sandwich ice
    cream pcs./h
  • According to the customer’s order the machine is able to produce two products at the same time.

Where is the best manufacturer of industrial ice cream?

They manufacture ice cream machines in various parts of Asia, Europe .The design of these machines is very sophisticated, so skilled engineers must be employed to make industrial ice cream machines.

So buyers should be careful when buying these devices. The machines manufactured by Benisa are very high quality. Our company has repeatedly emphasized that our hands are comparable to European machines.

There are certainly several countries in Asia that manufacture these devices, but they are far lower than the quality of the BEANISA machines. They are also cheaper in price but the cost of repairing these devices is very expensive. Do you think any cheap goods are suitable for purchase?


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