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Rotary machine price

Rotary machine price is very different in the world. We recommend that you compare our company with other companies. Of course, we are sure that you are a well-deserved customer of quality too.

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Rotary Machine

Wooden ice cream is an important part of the ice cream market in the world. Therefore, Beanisa’s factory has been working in harmony with its customers to build new high-efficiency devices.

Wooden ice cream machine is a rotary model of a fully automatic unit for the production of wooden ice cream. The rotary machine is made in three models of 8,10 and 12 lines.

The features of this device are summarized as follows:

  • Different capacities is available according to customer’s needs.
  • Product variations are possible by changing the shapes and sizes of molds.
  • The pneumatic and electronic system provides smooth and reliable synchronized generation.
  • 4 study construction, efficient design features and quality control in fabrication have reduced maintenance costs and maximized line efficiency.

Rotary machine price

Rotary machine has different parts that will change its price. Of course, Rotary machine price is different in each company. Our company is definitely offering the cheapest and most affordable price.

Rotary machine price in our company is at the lowest. Because the corporate value of our company is based on customer orientation.


We know well that if Rotary machine price is the cheapest, many customers will be attracted to us. So we offer the best quality at the cheapest price.

The mould table

The mould table is made as one piece and that it will be easy to change from one products line another.

Top filling of ice cream

The standard ice cream filling machine consists of a hopper a set of pistons with pneumatic cylinders, by changing the pistons stroke, different volumes can be obtained.


By this part, moulds can be washed in the shortest time.

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