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rotary machine manufacturer industrial

rotary machine manufacturer industrial all over the world. But Beanisa is one of the manufacturers of ice cream machines at a cheap price and high quality. You can buy rotary machine industrial through this site and at the right price.

Rotary machine

You need a variety of modern ice cream makers to produce ice cream. Each ice cream model is made by a special device. In Iran, we are one of the companies that makes a good ice cream machine available to domestic and foreign companies. The company enjoys an outstanding ability to manufacture the industrial machine.

But Rotary is one of the best-selling and popular machines. Which any ice cream company needs. Here is a brief explanation.

Rotary machine industrial

This device has several types of different capacities. It is designed to produce ice cream in the form of wooden and high numbers. With a 12-line rotary machine, you can produce about 12,000 ice cream per hour. Which is done without error and without mistake and with the least interference with the manpower of production.


Technical Specifications

  • Fully automatic
  • Has a solid structure
  • The structure is made of steel
  • Washable
  • Contains electronic control panel
  • Easy to install
  • High efficiency
  • The error factor is zero
  • All maintenance is low
  • After-sales service

Types of rotary machine

Each of these devices has a unique and different feature. You can get the best buy from us.

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rotary machine manufacturer industrial

There are many manufacturing companies in the world in the field of industrial devices. And in the Middle East, Beanisa is very powerful in terms of producing a variety of ice cream machines. Customers can order a variety of cheap and quality ice cream machines from this site.

good cheap ice cream machine

Our products are very suitable for every customer. Ice cream makers require a wide range of modern and modern handles. Make sure to contact the company with valid credentials.

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