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Rotary machine 12 line | selling

Rotary machine 12 line is one of the most important devices in the ice cream industry. With this device you can produce all wooden ice cream models in short time.


The ice cream machine is one of the 20th century humanities that has been able to produce and supply a variety of ice cream. Ice cream is one of the most delicious and nutritious foods.

On the other hand, the use of this ice cream is very pleasant and enjoyable for everyone. But do you know how to make ice cream industrially?

rotary machine

Rotary machine 12 line

There are so many devices in the industry. Which has a very special feature. What facilities are needed to make a good, high quality ice cream? Can the best production and sales be with rotary machine 12 line?

rotary machine

Beanisa is a manufacturer of high-level ice cream machines. And it produces each model of the rotary device and so on. Because it has a history and a long history of production.

Accordingly, one of the most important priorities of the company is the production of the best machines for the ice cream industry. Fortunately, this has been very successful.

rotary machine

Features of rotary machine 12 line

Rotary has many advantages. Including:

  • Fully automatic
  • It consists of a resinous alloy
  • The error rate on this device is zero
  • It is completely electronic
  • The 12-line model is bestseller


With a 12-line rotary machine, you can produce ice cream in short time, which is about 12,000 ice cream per hour. And this is a fantastic number that increases the speed of your company’s production.

rotary machine 8 line

Selling rotary machine

You can contact us to buy this device. The company offers a variety of ice cream machines with the best quality and price available to customers anywhere in the world. You can contact sales management and buy.

You can contact us for more information and product catalogs.


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