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rotary ice cream machine automatic production

Rotary machine automatic is one of the devices used to produce wooden ice cream. You can produce a variety of ice cream models by rotary machine automatic. It can be used industrially. And there are different sections.


In the food industry, every producer needs to use good and proper tools to produce food. To this end, consumers can make good products with ease and speed using the technology.

rotary automatic machine system


Rotary machine is one of the most important machines in the ice cream industry. Do you have any knowledge of it?

Rotary machine automatic

With this device, you can produce any wooden ice cream model in short time. It boosts the speed of production, and saves energy and manpower. There are different models. Each has a different capacity.

Rotary machine automatic

Here are some explanations of the different parts of this device.

Rotary machine automatic parts

This device has several distinct applications that include:

  • Template page
  • Standard filler
  • Wood Line Machine
  • Linear sticker
  • Control panel
  • Packing Machine
  • Mold Washing System

rRotary ice cream machine automatic

Page template: This page is made in one piece and can be changed to change the ice cream model. It is made of nickel. And is manufactured in different sizes and shapes according to customer requirements.

Rotary ice cream machine automatic

Standard filling: The rotary filling machine has the ability to fill the ice cream with small pieces of fruit and a variety of braids. You can make two types of flavored ice cream with different colors.

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Linear wood machine: This unit has one shaft along each mold. The wood packages are placed by the operator and then the wood automatically enters the product.

Industrial ice cream machine

Line sticker: It has three axes in order to catch, chocolate and deliver ice cream to a single and multi-row packaging machine. And high efficiency.

Control panel: With central control panel. It is made of steel. And all the operation of the device is done in this way.

Packing Machine: Designed at the end of the production line and based on the capacity of this machine. Equipped with electronic eye and sewing heaters. And packed without interference.

Mold Washing System: This unit is washed off in a short time.

rotary machine production

As you can see, the rotary machine has several sections. Each of them has a special function in ice cream production. And you can make a large number of ice creams without fail. Contact us to buy this product. The factory produces the best price and quality of this product and is available to customers in different countries.

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Where do you buy ice cream machine from?

One of the countries that has advanced in the machine industry and has participated in many domestic and foreign exhibitions is Iran. And has a reputable and experienced manufacturer who can produce and supply a variety of industrial ice cream machines with excellent quality. Hence, you can easily get any kind of device from this company with the best quality and automatically. They are suitable for industrial production and you can make your own production line in time and produce ice cream with these devices.

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ice cream machine price

The prices offered by this company are very suitable and are usually cheaper than Europe because Iran is cheap laborer and Iranian engineers can produce the best parts and export them to different countries. Therefore, you can make the best industrial machinery, including sandwich maker, ice cream freezer, etc. from the company with the best production capacity. The machine that works in this company differs from other competitors and is made of stainless steel and is completely automatic and has different models.

But the prices are cheap and in proportion to the model and size of the device, which is about $ 300, but it is very easy to use and has an international standard, and it’s easy to sell and sell ice cream in the short run. . To get in touch with us, you can contact sales management and make your purchase, and know that the best devices are being produced and advised.

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