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Rotary cup filling machine buy

Rotary cup filling machine buy is required for ice cream machine. Customers need a rotary filling machine to fill ice cream in containers. You can contact the company to purchase any model of ice cream machine. And buy from us with the best price and quality.

Rotary filling machine

For manufacturers to fill ice cream in different containers. They need a rotary filling machine. This device has very organic features. And it has the best quality and the price.

The system is easy to operate, and it’s best to use this device to pack well and carefully all the dishes. It has three models, each with a different capacity.


Technical Specifications

You can easily fill ice cream in dishes with this device.

  • Package of 50 to 1000 grams
  • Strong structure
  • High performance and efficiency
  • Installing this machine is easy
  • After-sales service
  • Performance is mechanically
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Various parts can be added

Rotary filling machine types

This device is manufactured in three models with the best features:

  1. Sf 1000
  2. Sf 3000
  3. Sf 4000

You can use each of these models based on the need and production of ice cream per hour. Which devices are produced in Iran. And is distributed throughout the Middle East.

rotary cup filling machine sale

The company has a high potential in producing various ice cream machines. Which consists of a fully experienced team. That has good ideas. And he has used artwork very well in making devices.

rotary cup filling machine buy

Customers can buy the best ice creams from this company. We have designed and supplied the best machines to fill and pack. Contact us to get started.


Rotary Cup Filler And Sealer

One of the benefits of cup ice cream is that you can sprinkle different kinds of kernels on ice cream when you work with fruit feeder. The fruit feeder is cheap, but can increase the percentage of ice cream sales in your factory.
It can also be used in rotary cup filling and linear cup machines. Since beauty is so important to people all over the world today, buying this machine is essential for all ice cream makers. The fruit feeder has one or two tanks, which materials can be poured into each tank individually. 
You can use different types of filling machines with a good brand of BEANISA. Our fillers have different sizes and functions.

Ice Cream Filling Machine

filling machines to solve all problems of filling. The SFC machine is available in three models: SFC 1000, SFC 3000, and SFC 4000.
The fillings are shaped rotary models. The machines are equipped are with an
intermittent motion mechanical drive and secondary function such as filling and spraying are activated pneumatically. Both single flavor two flavor cups and cones with or without chocolate are ideally suited for production on SFC models. Containers from 0.5-1 kg can also be produced on the SFC 1000. With their compact design and lightweight construction, SFC filling machines are easy to move around the factory and only require connection to power and air supply.

Why Ice cream cup filler for your ice cream production?

Since cup ice cream is an ice cream that is easy to eat, so there are many fans of all ages in the world.Ice cream makers are also aware of this, so the number of people who buy this machine is huge. BEANISA is trying to add features to this machine with the help of skilled engineers to be present in all BEANISA cup filling machines.

Ice Cream Fruit Feeder

Suitable for mixing the pieces of fruit,pistachio,scaly ect in ice cream

Technical specification

  • Capacity                                       1000L
  • Electical supply                          380V
  • Power consumption                  1/2 KW
  • Dimension                                   160*150*75


  • Speed regulation by potentiometor of agitator/auger feed pump
  • Frequency inverters for:
    feed pump
  • Overload protection on both motors and inverters
  • Ventilator in swichboard


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