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In 2018, our factory tried to use the best and strongest stainless steel in ice cream making machines.
Our factory is the first and largest manufacturer and manufacturer of ice cream and packaging machines in the Middle East.
Our executive experience in Iran and abroad is commendable because we have successfully launched over 300 ice cream production projects in 2016, 2017 and 2018.
Of course, after-sales service and spare parts delivery are another of thousands of services that our factory will offer to customers after purchase and launch of ice cream makers in 2018.
Due to that our company plans to produce the best and most quality ice cream production machinery in the world in 2018,So We have engineers and technicians in a skilled and skilled corporation to provide our customers with a perfectly satisfying service for ice cream makers.


Process tank(s):

.The capacity is from 500 li/h-25000 li/h



.Continuous freezer with the capacity from 200 li/h-1000 li/h

400 lit




.It is fully automatic eight row machine for the production of spiral ice cream.

Equipped with:

.Fillers for injecting ice cream into the moulds.

.Vacuum pump to make tow color ice cream.

.Fruit syrup fillers.





.It is a robotic machine for the production of sandwich ice cream.

Equipped with:

.Tow ice cream cutting systems.

.Tow rotary biscuit distributor systems.


.This machine is robotically and automatically able to pack different types of ice creams (charlie , sandwich ,corned ,etc.).

.With barrier sensor

.Also include Stainless steel wrapping machine in capacity of 6 and 12 lines.



.This machine is robotically and automatically able to produce Charlie ice creams ,

with or without chocolate covers ,as well as coned ice creams simultaneously.

.Automatic stick inserter.

.Tow six row wrapping machines with color mark optic system.



.Tow rotary biscuit distributor systems.

.One ice cream cutting systems.

.The production capacity is 12,000 sandwich ice cream pcs./h




. Equiped with mechanical system with regulating.

.Suitable for ice cream packagingCAPACITY 3500 PCS/HR