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production magnum cornet machine for ice cream

A magnum cornet machine is a major selling machine in the company. Which has many capabilities. Which is automatic. It is used for the production of various types of ice cream. It is affordable and of high quality.

machine magnum cornet

This device has many advantages. Designed and exported with the best quality:

  1. Mold in a variety of shapes to customer selection
  2. Automatic cutting system
  3. Automatic wood carving
  4. Three bottleneck filling system
  5. Dino System for Chocolate Magnum Ice Cream
  6. The funnel robotic system is equipped with 6 pneumatic grippers
  7. Equipped with two 6-row packaging machines
  8. Can produce 12000 ice cream per hour
  9. Two types of ice cream are produced by magnum and funnel

As you know, these two kinds of ice cream are very popular and worthwhile. With this machine, you can produce the finest ice cream and magnum with a good design and taste.

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production magnum cornet machine

This device has many advantages as outlined above. And it is necessary to produce ice cream. One of the items of ice cream production in each model is equipped with modern appliances.

You can see the plant’s factory production line from the factory. These devices have distinct features than similar ones. And it is exported to all over the world.

Magnum cornet production at the factory and by a very professional technical team. And you can see the different models of the built-in devices.

Sell ​​magnum cornet machine

This device has the best alloy and is very resistant. Easy maintenance and maintenance. You can use this device to produce magnum types. You can contact us through this site to buy any ice cream machine.

Sales of each rotary automatic machine, sandwich machine, etc. are possible through sales experts. Beanisa is one of the largest manufacturers in the Middle East. And the best ice cream maker. contact us.

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You can get a variety of modern and advanced ice cream makers from this company. Hence, each model has a certain quality and specificity. Usually, the devices produced in this series are industrial and of good quality. You can buy the ice cream maker with the good features of this company’s stainless steel and automatic.

India is one of the best-selling countries that has the ability to produce a variety of ice cream products. But in Iran, we can offer you any type of ice cream machine of the highest quality to produce unique ice cream of your own country.

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Where can I buy a cheap ice cream machine?

You can get the best industrial machinery from this company. Of course, some companies are looking for cheap and small devices and we can provide ice cream freezer and ice cream machine with the best prices and different sizes from us. Because we are the manufacturer of the best industrial and first class machines in Iran and we can export to different countries.

This machine is cheaper than the European countries. Because we are one of the best producers we can offer you any kind of ice cream machinery.

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In this company, only industrial machinery is produced and you should buy it for domestic use only from the institutions. The prices set for this company for any type of machine, including sandwich machine, are determined cheaply from other countries. So contact us to buy the cheapest devices.

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