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Price Ammonia freezer SAF 800 in Dubai

Price Ammonia freezer SAF 800 can be obtained by contacting the salesman. The stated price is very cheap and convenient. With this device, you can produce and deliver any ice cream model of good quality. Since many factories in the world are active in ice cream production. It is better to use modern equipment so you can compete with them.


Ice cream is one of the delicious meal and vitamins. Using ice cream because of the ingredients of milk, cream, chocolate and … is the source of protein and energy. Ice cream has a great variety in terms of taste and shape. And everyone can enjoy the taste to the private.

Price ammonia freezer

Did you know that this machine can produce ice cream with different flavors?

Ammonia freezer SAF 800

This device has unique features, which are very convenient and ideal for ice cream production.

  1. The production capacity of each ice cream model (traditional and ice)
  2. The genus of this device is all-steel
  3. The all-automatic freezer of the SAF 800 is one of the best models
  4. The ice cream production capacity is 800 liters per hour
  5. Works with piston pump and gear.

ammonia freezer

The machine is fully automated and has the potential to produce 800 liters of ice cream and is suitable for manufacturers and customers.

Price Ammonia freezer SAF 800

The prices of modern and advanced ice cream makers made by the company. Excellent in terms of quality and price. You can contact us to order devices.


Ice cream machine






Ammonia freezer


SAF 800



ammonia freezer

The company makes each model a fully automatic device. Customers can buy through the company as needed. It is possible to sell to other countries.

 Sale Ammonia Freezer in Dubai

This freezer is fully automatic and produces 800 yr of ice cream per hour. You can also see other models. The   ammonia freezer SAF 1200 is another good model that can be used to make ice cream.

The company exports all models to various countries, including Dubai. Stay in touch with us.

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