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Industrial ice cream machine to buy in India

The industrial ice cream machine required in the ice cream industry is largely. You can buy the devices you need from us. The price is cheap.

Ice cream is one of the nutrients in the food industry. It is very important to look at the quality of the ingredients and ingredients in ice cream production. It is recommended that you use the best equipment.

Do you know what good ice cream machine is? Do you know the type of ice cream machine?

Industrial ice cream machine

What is ice cream machine?

Ice cream machine is one of the most important items in ice cream production. To be able to launch a good product line. It’s best to buy reputable and equipped devices.

This way, you can easily produce any traditional industrial ice cream. Good production in high sales is very effective. Here is the introduction to the ice cream machine.

Industrial ice cream machine

Rotary ice cream machine

One of the most important ice cream machines in the world. You can produce and present a large number of ice cream in a short time. It’s worth the price.


The production of this machine takes place at the factory with the best quality. The company is trying to provide the best products and supply to customers at a given time.

rotary ice cream filling machine

Rotary machine 12 line

This machine is one of the most important machines for making ice cream. It is completely automatic and unique. Including:

  • It is made of stainless steel
  • The price is good
  • Has a solid structure
  • Automatically
  • The error rate is zerorotary

Rotary machine 12 line can produce 12,000 ice cream per hour.

Industrial ice cream machine

The industrial ice cream machine is manufactured at the factory with the most regular parts. And we have high technology in its production. You can contact us to build and design any industrial plant.

Industrial ice cream machine

Buy ice cream machine in India

Each type of ice cream machine is exported to various countries such as India. The quality of these devices is unique and classy. You can contact us in this regard. Call now.

Industrial ice cream machine

Most industrial and ice cream machines are very large, so those who want to get started must have large salon that may be able to easily start with one or two machines at a time and then be able to get the equipment they need. prepare. BEANISA gives good discounts to everyone who buys it for the first time.

Bad ice cream maker

A bad ice cream machine means a car that is cheap and of poor quality. These machines are very popular in the world and many people buy them because of the cheap price but they soon regret that they have lost a lot of money.

Unfortunately, there are many such factories in Asia too. BEANISA Company has been able to shorten these small workshops by offering the best equipment for ice cream machines and has been able to satisfy a large number of customers with high sales and reasonable prices.

fruit feeder sale

The worst machine is the one that cannot consistently produce ice cream and is interrupted during production and in need of repair.

Surely those who are making ice cream know that interrupting the operation of the machine between production means that a lot of ice cream breaks down and this means a huge loss to the ice cream industry.

So we recommend that you make sure to purchase ice cream makers and be sure to contact BEANISA Company to assist you in purchasing good ice cream machines.

Rotary Spiral Ice cream machine

This machine can produce several models of ice cream in different colors. This device is available in 8, 10 and 12 line models. The difference between its models is only in the amount of capacity produced.

This type of ice cream is very beautiful with different designs and therefore many people tend to buy this type of ice cream. If you would like to add a new and varied product line to your workshop and factory, be sure to use this type of machine.

Spiral machine information:
It is a fully automatic eight row machine for the production of spiral ice cream
Equipped with:

  • The parts of the machine’s body are consisting of a three layer refrigerator. The heating and refrigerating jacket is insulated and made of stainless steel.
  • Spiral moulds for the machine.
  • fillers for injecting ice cream into the moulds.
  • Fruit syrup fillers.
  • Vacuum pump to make two color ice creams.
  • Special stick inserter for spiral.
  • Pincer holders with special pincers for spiral.
  • Vacuum pump for washing the mould.
  • Chocolate tank for coating chocolate on ice cream.
  • wrapping machine with color mark optic system.
  • The production capacity is 6000-12000 ice cream pcs/h


best new industrial freon freezer

All manufacturers of industrial ice cream know full well that the freezer is the heart of an ice cream factory. So you have to be very careful when buying a freezer to make a good ice cream and make a big profit.

Freezers have different types:

  • automatic freezer
  • manual freezer

Automatic Freon Freezers

BEANISA’s automatic freon freezers deliver the best quality ice cream. Our industrial freezers are capable of producing 600 to 1000 liters of ice cream per hour.

The gear pumps we use in these freezers are equipped with a CIP system That makes it easy to communicate with the user with smart software and meticulous planning.

The body structure is made of stainless steel and chassis steel. Of course, we still emphasize that the industrial ice cream machine of BEANISA is all made of stainless steel.

Manual Freon Freezers

This freezer model can be used simply to produce any product.If you are looking for a compact freezer, buying this freezer is a good choice for you.

There is no need for any adjustments when delivering this fridge, as it is ready as soon as it is plugged in to the electric compressor.Semi-automatic power switch includes all communication controls and cooling connections required.The quality of the parts used will prolong the life of the operating system and depreciation.

The manual freezer is capable of producing 300 to 800 liters of ice cream per hour.The body structure is stainless steel with two piston pumps designed for regular airflow and constant speed.The all-steel chassis also has a high speed to reach stable.

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