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Industrial Ammonia freezer SAF 600+export to Karachi

You can make industrial Ammonia freezer for your own factory and prepare ice cream in bulk. With this machine you can produce ice cream. The ice cream machine has the best quality and price. Made of high quality alloy and good. One of the ways that you can get this device is by the site.

Ammonia freezer SAF 600

Industrial ice cream manufacturing machines are very common in every city and country. Because today’s human needs determines the production of any food. One of these foods is ice cream. This delicious food is rich in various vitamins that are needed for the body.

industrial ammonia freezer

Do you know how to produce industrial ice cream? Do you know what kind of ice cream is needed?

Industrial Ammonia Freezer

With this device, you can produce ice cream of high quality and high quality. Ammonia freezer is one of the devices you need to make a batch in your plant.

This is one of the models that is very welcomed by our customers. Which has many features:

  1. The freezer is fully automatic
  2. The ice cream production capacity is 600 liters per hour
  3. Works with piston pumps and gears
  4. The price is good
  5. It is all steel
  6. You can buy traditional and industrial ice cream.


The functionality of this device is very high and is suitable for the production of any type of ice cream. This device has many models. The  Ammonia Freezer SAF 1000 is one of the best produced models.

Mini ice cream machine price

Export Ammonia Freezer to Karachi

You can export this device with the best quality and price to any place you want. The company has a strong and unique history of exporting various ice cream makers to most Asian and European countries. We can export any kind of machine to India and Karachi.

What is ammonia refrigeration parts?

Freezers are made up of different parts and each has its own capabilities. Each of these sections has a role in ice cream freezer.

  • Gear pump
  • Control panel
  • Defrost

Two gear pumps are installed on the front of the machine. The first pump prepares the mixture and the second pump transfers the mixture to the distributor. The speed of the pumps is adjustable. And at the top of the freezer there is a control panel and can be adjusted. And the diffractometer has an important function, and in case of freezing and accidental stopping, the hot gas generator automatically performs diverter operation. Each of the parts in these freezers will work properly and there will be no obstacle to ice cream production.

industrial ammonia freezer

industrial freezer price

All machines produced at this plant have unique features. And good parts and alloys are used to design them. You can buy all these industrial machines at the right prices from Beanisa Company. The prices set for all ice cream freezers are cheap and suitable. You can buy any of these devices with the best quality and price from us.

industrial ammonia freezer

industrial ammonia refrigeration companies in Iran

Companies producing ammonia freezer in Iran are not large. There are few people in the world who produce a freezer or ice cream machine. Therefore, you can buy any of these devices at exceptional and cheap prices from Beanisa Company with the best quality.

industrial ammonia freezer

Iran is one of the major producers in the ice cream industry. And so far, it has been able to produce most of its products inside and outside Iran. Therefore, it is advisable to contact this company and purchase any type of ice cream machine you need in a short time from the company.

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