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Ice Cream Machine In Russia|Supplier and Wholesale

Ice cream machine in Russia is very popular. Since Russia is one of the largest producers of ice cream among the European countries, the purchase of industrial ice cream machines is also high in this country.

So, in addition to selling ice cream in Russia, manufacturers can also export ice cream. Given this, the company will find a good market for its products in the Russian market.

The number of Russian buyers from BEANISA is increasing day by day because the machines produced in our company are of high quality and are also cheaper in price than European brands.
This has allowed us to take on the big Russian market.

Our company offers great discounts to all those who buy BEANISA for the first time. You dear buyers can buy from us online or in person. We give you the chance to get to know our company closely and to see how our machines work.

Ice Cream Factory Machines

In today’s world, many people in the world are interested in eating ice cream. Today, many ice cream makers have been able to create ice cream in various designs thanks to their creativity.

Various themes in ice cream have led many people to buy ice cream according to their tastes, making ice cream one of the best-selling snacks in the world.
And it is natural that many people are also thinking about setting up an industrial ice cream factory.

BEANISA has also been working hard to produce industrial machinery in recent years and has been well-positioned among industrial ice cream machine manufacturers around the world.
Our company can design the best Industrial Ice Cream Machine. And then deliver the first ice cream to you.

If you are thinking of buying ice cream makers, be sure to choose our company to buy because we can sell you the best quality at the cheapest prices. Do not hesitate to buy from our company because BEANISA is one of the best in the field of ice cream machine manufacturing.

Extruders and Rotaries

Extruder machines are highly advanced and automatic and designed for production at very high capacity.
These machines are capable of producing ice cream from seven to seven thousand per hour. Also all extruders are equipped with packing machine and Harding tunnel.


Rotary machines
They have different types that can produce different types of ice cream.

  • Rotary cup filling machine
  • Rotary cone filling machine

Suitable for those who want to make small workshops and traditional ice cream. These machines can produce up to 6 thousand ice cream per hour. Of course, installing a fruit feeder on these machines will make a difference in the taste of ice cream. Definitely pouring nuts, chocolates or all kinds of dried fruits into ice cream has a great variety in the production of ice cream, which leads to more sales.
There is another device with several different lines.

  • rotary 8 line
  •  10 line
  •  12 line

These machines are suitable for large ice cream factories and can produce different types of ice cream in different shapes, flavors and colors.

Ice Cream Machine In Russia

Because the Russian people are very rich, so they are looking to set up large factories. BEANISA can set up large ice cream machines in Russia for you. With the help of our consultants, you can buy the best equipment and make the most of ice cream.

You can be one of the best ice cream traders and producers in Europe because you Russians have great abilities. We look forward to your call on Whatsapp and Email .

Cheapest magnum ice cream machine in Russia

Manufacturers of ice cream are divided into two groups: the first group of those who are looking for inexpensive and low quality machines but the second group is looking for expensive and high quality gadgets.

Fortunately, BEANISA is not part of either of these intentions because we sell quality ice cream at a low price. We know that the Russian people are very wealthy and can build large ice cream companies in Russia with the help of our company. One of the features of BEANISA is that those who buy from us first get a good discount.

                             ice cream machine in Russia

stick ice cream (magnum)

  1. It is a fully automatic machine for the production of MAGNUM ice cream with the robotic Cone ice cream fillers.
  2. Equipped with:
  3. Different types of extruders according to the customer’s demand (Magnum, Pine-shaped, Bite, Watermelon- ice creams, and etc..)
  4. Automatic cutting system.
  5. Automatic stick inserter.
  6. Three nozzle cone filling system.
  7. Dino transfer system with two robotic arms for Magnum ice cream chocolate coating. Dino picks up products from trays and places them at the wrapping machines.
  8. Cone robotic system with six pneumatic grippers which functions with two first movement is in the direction of the tray, second movement is vertical to that.
  9. These exact movements are controlled by the drives of two servo motors and completely hygienic ice creams are dropped to the wrapping machines
  10. Two six row wrapping machines with color mark optic system.
  11. For exact co-ordination and high efficiency three control devices of PLC HMI Servo Drive are articulately synchronized

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