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Fruit feeder SFF1000 with nice price

Fruit feeder SFF 1000 is one of the most suitable and high-end models for high ice cream production, which is very good in price, and if there is a customer at an agreed price, and this machine is produced on the basis of world-wide methods in the factory and one It is one of the best ice cream machines that has an increasing power and endurance.

fruit feeder sff100
The fruit feeder is a kind of first-class machinery with components made from the finest and best quality raw materials and solid metal that has been working over many years and is very efficient.
Do you know where and how best to buy this device?

fruit feeder sff1000
Fruit feeder SFF1000

This machine has a high performance and has the ability to produce high quantities of ice cream and has good power. This machine is manufactured in the sff 1000 model and has two separate reservoirs that can mix two different types of additives simultaneously with the product.
Fodder Fodder Feature.

• Strong construction with high precision
• Very high efficiency
• Competitive with the European sample
• Easy installation
• after sales service
• Productivity of 1000 liters per hour

fruit feeder sff1000
What is fruit feeder?

By fruit feeder you can add ice cream to various types of nuts, including almonds, walnuts, pistachios or chocolates, and smears and pieces of fruit, and get a good raw material, and then produce the highest amount of ice cream per hour. Get This makes it a type of ice cream that is very tasty and customer-friendly and competitive with various types of ice cream on the market.

fruit feeder sff1000
The price of fruit feeder machine


machine description


fruit feeder model


price fruit feeder machine

fruit feeder SFF 1000

agreed upon

This machine has many advantages and it is recommended to buy this product for your factory.

Fruit feeder machine

The device has a strong silicon steel structure and can be installed between refrigerated automated freezers and a refrigerated automattic filling machine so that the ice cream enters the fruit feeder after leaving the freezer and the additives are supplied by a special pump and pump. Uniform and uniform.

fruit feeder sff1000

Fruit feeder for sale

You can contact the company and the manufacturer for more information through the site and after purchasing the information and reviews you need to purchase this product at a good price and best price.

fruit feeder sff1000

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