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Extruder lines industrial for ice cream

Extruder lines industrial is one of the devices needed to produce ice cream. Manufacturers can use extruder lines and rotary machines to produce any type of ice cream. Accordingly, it is recommended to buy modern equipment.


To make the best and most delicious ice cream, it is recommended to use modern devices. And this company is one of the most reputable manufacturers in every model of machinery in the ice cream industry.


Extruder lines industrial

What should you do to produce ice cream? What device is needed?

Extruder lines are one of the most sophisticated devices produced and used. Which is recommended for ice cream production. This device is designed and offered by the company with the best quality.

Especially for the production of ice cream at the industrial level you need the most modern and most reliable devices that have unique characteristics:

  • The error factor is zero
  • Made of good alloy
  • Have a reasonable price
  • Automatic
  • Easy and good performance
  • The correct parts are formed

rotary automatic machine system

This machine is ideal for making ice cream in high numbers and any wooden ice cream model. It is recommended to use this device for your factory.

sale rotary machine

Rotary automatic machine

One of the most important machinery for making ice cream is a variety of retro devices. Which has every feature and a good advantage. The best way to make ice cream is to have the essential features.

Rotary machine 12 line best



And be sure to use this device to produce. There are many advantages. Because working with this machine is easy and convenient, because it is fully automatic and in the short run, a large number of ice cream is produced.

fruit feeder

The best alloy is used in design and construction. Contact this company and get through this site to order and order this device. Contact the sales manager right now.

Ice Cream Filling Equipment

Ice Cream Filling Equipment is one of the main ice cream machine equipment. Different types of funnel and glass ice cream are made with filling equipment. Industrial ice cream equipment must be purchased from reputable locations.
Since these devices are related to human health, they must be made of stainless steel. Because other alloys are corrosive to water, this is not suitable for ice cream makers. BEANISA manufactures all of its stainless steel production equipment.

Ice Cream Extruder

This machine is very advanced and fully automatic.We claim to be the most advanced ice cream maker in the world. You can set up the best quality ice cream factory by buying ice cream maker from us, but our prices are one fifth of the prices of major European companies. We leave the choice to you so be sure to contact BEANISA Company and get the most out of our facilities.


  • Freezing Tunnel (Insulated house)
  • Transport Conveyer System
  • Working Table
  • Extractor
  • Wrapping Machine
  • Freezing System and Evaporators
  • Refrigeration Unit
  • Electrical Control Panel

The extractor conveyor is linked to the Working table. A set of 160 e extractor tongs, take the products and hold them on the stick only. positioned beside the extraction conveyor is mounted a chocolate dip tank. The tank is water heated and is thermostatically controlling the chocolate temperature. The tank is also equipped by stainless steel pumps.
Extractor conveyor is designed for option supply of nitrogen dip staions and a dry coating station. from the extractor conveyor, products are released to the pocket conveyor of the single line wrapping machine, synchronized with the extraction.

The working table is manufactured in stainless steel The frame is elevated from floor easy cleaning. The frame is designed to carry various group of equipment including
extruder, stick inserter, horizontal cutter, product releaser and the service supply (air/electrical power) for production of stick products, stickless products, cones,desert products,
logs and cakes. The working table is supplied with a washing unit to clean the trays.

A main control panel the function of plant. Control of all functions is performed by an electronic board and speed is adjusted through inverters which provide a high degree of automation and increases operational efficiency. The control panel is made of stainless steel. All of automation control operated by (HMI Monitoring). Also tunnel and chocolate temperature show on (HMI Monitoring)

The freezing system is designed for use of ammonia or freon according to customer request. The evaporator is placed beside the conveyor system. The evaporator has high efficiency A set of ventilators provides the adequate airflow to ventilate and freeze the products on the trays. The special designed air guides cause the uniform flow of air on trays through the double spiral conveyors system. The defrost system, could be adjusted automatically and
is made electrically or alternatively by hot gas.


FREEZING TUNNEL (Insulated House)
The freezing tunnel is built up in elements which are reinforced in the floor to distribute the weight of conveyer system and evaporators. The insulation material is a heavy dense polyurethane expanded into sandwich elements.
The elements are manufactured with galvanized painted metal sheet. The floor of tunnel is fabricated by sheets Covered by PVC or Aluminium sheets. The floor of tunnel slopes to the drainage point. The tunnel is supplied with one door and the special design prevents outfall of cold from tunnel.


The SR-Tunnel 12000 is designed with a transport conveyor system with a chain driven from a central drive. The conveyor chain has been designed to transport trays on which products are extruded and hardened. The chain is.
made of stainlees steel and is equipped with teflon made rollers for easy transport of trays in -50 degree of centegrade. The route of the chain with the trays is conveyed ina double spiral for minimal space requirement and maximal efficiency. A special designed tension station maintain constant stress on the chain, when the conveyor system is in operation.



Freezing supply unit is installed usually out of production hall. This unit is controlled from main control panel and is designed for use of ammonia or alteratively other refrigerants, like freon by customer request. The air condensor or water condenser could be supplied depending to the environment and weather conditions.





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