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extruder and extrusion lines for sale

extruder and extrusion lines for sale in Asian and European countries. Extruder machine is a device designed and manufactured for the production of high quality, high-quality ice cream by the company.

extruder and extrusion lines

extruder and extrusion line

Do you know that you can experience the best industrial devices with us? Do you know that you can buy ice cream machines and equipment for foreign brands and best brands in the world? All the devices produced by this company are better than the best brands in the world. All parts used are excellent and there is no possibility of failure or defect over time.

You can order and order modern and super-professional ice creams from this company. But the extruder lines are an industrial machine that can produce any type of ice cream in a short time per hour, which usually produces 12,000 ice cream per hour and is available for sale to you. This machine has many advantages and is used to produce different kinds of flavor ice cream.

extruder and extrusion lines

The parts and components used in this machine are made of the best alloy, which can be damaged or very limited.

  • Automatic
  • Has a central control panel
  • Steel and Chrome are used in different parts of this device
  • Easy setup
  • Guaranteed
  • If you wish we can install the device in place
  • It has a warranty
  • There is a possibility of washing in different parts of it

extruder and extrusion lines

extruder and extrusion line for sale

You can contact us to get better information about this device. And Beanisa Co., as a manufacturer of various ice cream machines, can supply you with the best machines, including extruder and extrusion lines. The sale of these machines to the whole world has been done through this company many times. Our offer to our customers is to establish a relationship with us and get the right price from sales management.

extruder and extrusion lines

used extruders for sale uk

Selling of various ice cream machines in Iran is carried out through this company. You can buy the best extruder lines at exclusive and cheap prices from Beanisa. We are one of the reputable manufacturers in Iran that we can provide the best machines to customers outside of Iran, including UK.

Best selling rotary machine

Small and large ice cream dealers can buy the best ice cream machine from the company. Our goal is to introduce the best international ice cream products. Our honor is to be able to export all the best quality products in Iran.

ice cream filling equipment

All models are made in Iran Another machine that is very popular with the public is filling machine. You can buy this device with the best quality and price inside Iran that is made. Sending this device is possible everywhere.

Commercial Ice Cream maker

With this machine you can pack a variety of ice cream. Which is made in different models and sizes. This is a great device to help you pack the best ice cream and make it very clean and healthier. It is better for your equipment to buy through the company as the manufacturer of the best machines.

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