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Cup filling machine for sale

Cup filling machine for sale a good opportunity for ice cream companies. So contact the Beanisa company as soon as possible to buy this product with high quality and cheap. If you think about getting rich, then be sure buy cup filling machine.

Why cup filling machine?

This device has a variety of capabilities, It can fill a variety of dishes and ice cream cups of any size. Also, the mechanism of steak, ice cream filler, chocolate sprinkler, foil, heat seal and conveyor belt mounted on cup filling machine It works mechanically.

Cup filling machine for sale

The sale of the rotary filling machine has been very beneficial for Beanisa. Because of the finest materials used in this device, so we have many customers around the world Who buy online from us online.

This machine is equipped with a fully equipped mechanical system with an inverter regulating engine speed  which is an important feature of this device.


Technical data

Capacity                                            1000-4000  Pcs/h

Power supply                                    380 V

Power consumption(Kw)                2-2-5

Air pressure(Bar)                             6

Main dimension(Cm)                     A:200  B:150  C:120

Air consumption                             100  1/h

Net weight(Kg)                                400

Cup filling machine

This device is not only a filler , it is also suitable for packaging ice cream. Our company can design and manufacture a kind of cup filling machine as desired by the customer. The production of this machine is rotary and linear.

Just give us the size of the crates of your container, we will design and manufacture your cup filling machine according to your opinion.


You will be our regular customer with a one-time purchase from the products of the Beanisa company.

Some of the features of the Rotary Beanisa filler

  • Strong structure with wing strength
  • High performance operation
  • Easy installation
  • after sales services
  • Competitive with other world-famous brands
  • Deliver the device at the specified time

Used Cup Filler Equipment

Cup Filling machines are very useful. With this machine you can fill different types of cup sizes.All ice cream makers can use this machine because it’s not complicated to use.

cup filling machine is used both in large industrial ice cream factories and in small ice cream shops. Once installed, this machine can produce high quality ice cream with different flavors with the help of a freezer and a fruit feeder.

Fruit Feeder

If you like fruity ice cream or the people who sell ice cream love this ice cream model then be sure to add fruit feeder to your factory as you can add fruit and nuts to your ice cream.

This machine is very important if you want to diversify your ice cream and you can buy it with the best quality from BEANISA Company to produce a good and varied product . You can improve the appearance of ice cream with this machine, besides the taste of ice cream.

How Mach Ice Cream Machine ice cream machine

There are many factors involved in determining the price. One of the biggest factors is the engineering type of these ice cream machine. For an engineer to be able to adjust all of the ice cream machines so that they can produce ice cream without problems, that is to say a breakthrough in the production process.

Another factor is the type of material and material used in making these ice cream maker. Also the type and brand of inverter and the ice cream machine engines are price-determining.

There are different prices for ice cream maker in the world. As BEANISA manufactures the best quality industrial ice cream machines, it strives to offer the lowest price possible so that it can compete with European companies.

ice cream machine

They are fully mechanical, can also work continuously and produce ice cream. You have to be very patient and experienced in making ice cream to make ice cream of different flavors in different sizes. Of course ice cream flavor is also very effective in selling it so you have to be creative in combination only to make a big profit on ice cream sales.

Sandwich Machine Price

One of the most widely used devices in this industry. This machine can produce different types of sandwich ice cream in different sizes, flavors and colors. These machines have many clamps and, without any interference, are first put on a tray by a wafer slider, then the ice cream is cut to the desired size and then the second bread is put on the ice cream.

In the second stage, the ice cream enters the freezing tunnel and after being hardened again by the robots, cut into the packing machine to be packaged. The machine is capable of producing two products at the same time .

The sandwich machine is capable of producing 7,000 to 32,000 ice cream per hour. Of course, these machines have several models with different capacities and the price of this machine depends on the type of capacity.

BEANISA Consultants can help you choose the type of device according to its capacity. You just have to give them your favorites so that our consultants can tell you the best type of device. So you can make your purchase online and we will ship your ice cream machines after production.

Our engineers and workers will arrive at your factory upon ice cream machines arrivals at the destination for free installation and will deliver the equipment to you after installation and after production of the first ice cream.

To be attractive in the production of sandwich ice cream you must use different and varied formats to make more sales. BEANISA has great discounts for first time customers, so don’t miss out on these discounts online or in person. With the good discounts we can give you, we will definitely welcome you to BEANISA’s industrial ice cream machine.

3 Row Sandwich Ice Cream Line

  1. Output capacity: 20,000 Pcs/H. of sandwich ice cream
  2.  Production line includes; improved high efficiency work table which contains all the phases of Biscuit Dispenser, ice cream filler and CIP.
  3.  Includes 3 stations of triple slot biscuit dispenser with only 2 ice cream filling section feeding all the 3 Lines.
  4.  Advanced robotic system for picking up ice cream from trays and placing them onto packing section (Cartesian Pick and Place- P&P Robot).
    With possibility of converting a 16 row packing section into 2×8 rows, with row distance adjustable by Servo motor.

Continuous 8 row packing machine.
*The Ice cream cone line can be designed and made for 1 row and up to 4 rows.
The output capacity can be from 7,000 and up to 32,000 Pcs/H of ice cream with packing section of 4 rows and up to 9 rows similar to Hoyer model or 6 rows up to 16 rows similar to Gram model.

Ice Cream Production Line In Russia

Ice cream production is a popular business in Russia. Since the country has many tourists, ice cream production in Russia is a high-paying job. Since Russians are rich people, so buying an ice cream line is very cheap. Because BEANISA has been able to produce ice cream makers that are European in quality but at one fifth the price of European brands.

This has led many countries, including the Russian people, to buy all of their ice cream machines from BEANISA . One of the important factors of buying Russian people from our company is the shipping cost which is very cheap. The services our company provides for the installation and commissioning of ice cream maker are very attractive to our customers.

Top Quality Industrial Ice Cream Processing Machine

There are few companies in the world that produce industrial ice cream machines BEANISA is very pleased to be one of the best ice cream makers in the world.

You can also be a top producer of ice cream in the world If your machines are made by BEANISA , buying from our company is definitely a success for you because our machines are both quality and cheap and after-sales service We are excellent. You can also buy from our company online and in person. We make and send you devices in the shortest possible time.

Extruder line equipments

  • Freezing Tunnel (Insulated house)
  •  Transport Conveyer System
  • Working tables
  • Extractor
  • Wrapping Machine
  • Freezing System and Evaporators
  • Refrigeration Unit
  • Electrical Control Panel

FREEZING TUNNEL (Insulated House)

The freezing tunnel is built up in elements which are reinforced in the floor to distribute the weight of conveyer system and evaporators. The insulation material is a heavy dense polyurethane expanded into sandwich elements. The elements are manufactured with galvanized painted metal sheet.

The floor of tunnel is fabricated by sheets covered by PVC or Aluminium sheets. The floor of tunnel slopes to the drainage point. The tunnel is supplied with one door and the special design prevents outfall of cold from tunnel.


The SR-Tunnel 12000 is designed with a transport conveyor system with a chain driven from a central drive. The conveyor chain has been designed to transport trays on which products are extruded and hardened . The chain is made of stainless steel and is equipped with teflon made rollers for easy transport of trays in -50 degree of centigrade .

The route of the chain with the trays is conveyed in a double spiral for minimal space requirement and maximal efficiency. A special designed tension station maintain constant stress on the chain, when the conveyor system is in operation.

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