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Commercial Ice Cream maker Dubai

Commercial Ice Cream maker Dubai, the industrial ice cream maker, is one of the most sought after devices for all businessmen and industrial ice cream makers. And all efforts are made by the company to produce the best ice cream machine and export to Dubai.

commercial ice cream maker

Ice cream maker, including industrial devices. With this device you can produce a variety of ice cream. Without human intervention, and done automatically. Many devices were built by the company in 2019. All new. You need to have the following devices to produce different ice cream models.

The mentioned devices each have a feature and are used by the general public. You can use ice cream, sandwich ice cream, ice cream inside dishes, knitted ice cream, and so on.

Commercial Ice Cream maker

Rotary machine: With this machine, you can produce wooden ice cream using cow’s milk.

Fruit feeder: Inside ice cream, you can use fruit and nuts on this machine.

Sandwich machine: You can use ice cream inside two layers of bread.

Extruder lines: With this appliance, you can make ice cream using a dry milk.

Filling machine: You can fill any kind of ice cream with it inside the dishes.

commercial ice cream maker Dubai

Dubai is one of the tropical regions that is very good to consider in the ice cream industry. You can make good ice creams. And is available to customers. Ice cream maker is manufactured in various types and industrialized by Beanisa Company, which is exported to Dubai. And the use of ice cream in this country will be very thriving if you look at the type and quality of ice cream. Customers can make a variety of modern and industrial ice cream machines through the company.

Commercial Ice Cream maker

best ice cream maker 2019

By 2019, many manufacturers in Iran built industrial plants, each with unique features. These devices are designed to make ice cream, and we are working to make the best of alloys in the manufacture of products. So you can stay in touch with us and deliver the products you need, including the best quality ice cream maker.

Commercial Ice Cream maker

What is a professional ice cream maker?

You can use ice cream makers to produce all kinds of clay. With this device, you can produce delicious ice cream. There are a variety of models and sizes. At Beanisa, all the devices made of the best alloy are made, each one is automatic. If you buy this machine, you can make the best ice cream crisp and quality in the shortest possible time.

  • The price is cheap
  • Ideal quality
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Sales are possible throughout Asia
  • It is standard

Commercial Ice Cream maker

ice cream maker price

The price of all machines produced in this company is cheaper than any factory and institution. You can buy our ice cream machine at exceptional prices and incredible quality. Because they have the best engineers in Iran, each of them has the best ability to manufacture industrial machinery. We can produce and export the best machines according to the best technology in the world.

Commercial Ice Cream maker

commercial ice cream Freezer   

Industrial freezers have different capacities. Therefore, small ice cream factories can use these freezers, and very large companies can easily make industrial ice cream. BEANISA‘s freezers can compete with all the famous brands of  freezers in the world.

BEANISA started to make ice cream machines and equipment in 1974.
We have and continuing to study and follow the needs of our market. Nowadays, in  response to the customers need the new freezers “the SF Units” in which the most recent technology has been incorporated, cover a capacity range 400 & 1200 liters of ice cream per hour. BEANISA SF 1200 continuous freezer is equipped with self contained refrigeration unit, a high exchange hardening cylinder with it’s hard chromium plated inside surface and a special stainless steel dasher for high overrun.

who can supply best ice cream maker machine 

BEANISA is the best producer of ice cream industrial machines in the continent of Asia. Considering the long history and experience of the company in manufacturing various types of ice cream machines, we would like to advise you dear customers that you better to purchase from the BEANISA Company to start your own ice cream company.
You can also visit our company for the sake of confidence, and you can easily find and consult about the devices. BEANISA’s company will allow you buy industrial ice cream machine after having seen the operation of the devices and consulting.

The industrial ice cream industry has various stages in which the consultants of the company can teach you all these steps. So you can start a good ice cream company. Making ice cream is very enjoyable if you have a good guide to getting started.

Important steps in ice cream production are:

  1. Mixing raw materials
  2. Pasteurization
  3. Homogenization
  4. Getting the mixture
  5.   Freezing
  6.   packing
  7.   Hardening

commercial ice cream freezer price 

The materials and components of industrial freezers determine its price. Certainly, when a freezer is made with high quality material, it has a higher price. The Gulf states know well that BEANISA is one of the best manufacturers of industrial freezers, so countries like Dubai make a lot of purchases from the company. We can export our industrial freezers through the ground and air to all countries of the world.

BEANISA SF 1200 Models

  Model                                                                                                           SF 1200
Nominal Capacity(L/H)                                                                            1200

Built in compressor(Kw)                                                                         22.5

Refrigerator Gas                                                                                          R404A

Condensation                                                                                              water

Evaporating temperature                                                                          -35°C

Mix inlet temperature                                                                                +3 C

Ice cream outlet temperature                                                                   -5.5/6 C

Dasher motor(KW)                                                                                     15

Mix inlet pump (KW)                                                                                 2.2             1.5

Overall installed power(KW)                                                                    41.2

Water consumption (L/H) tower water                                                 6000

Water consumption (L/H) top water                                                     2200

Main Dimensions (cm)                                                                              A :160           B:115             C:185

Net weight(kg)                                                                                             1130

Note: above capacities are based on standard ice cream mix
containing 36-38% total solids with 100 % overrun.
Ideally Suited for ice cream and Special product manufacture
All Capacities, data, illustrations, photograph, drawings and statement in this publications are for general information only and subject

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