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commercial extruder lines price in India

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commercial extruder lines price

How are extruder lines products?

Extruder lines are one of the devices you can use to make a variety of wooden ice cream. Because you can produce a wide variety of different ice creams with this device, which will save you money. And many customers want this type of ice cream. Therefore, it is recommended to visit different models of ice cream makers. Extruder lines are a kind of machine that is made up of a variety of different parts, and together they have been developed to make this model of industrial ice cream machine.

commercial extruder lines price

Its parts and components are:

  1. Work desk
  2. Control panel
  3. Pitchers
  4. Cryogenic system
  5. Chains movement system
  6. Cooling unit
  7. Freezing tunnel
  8. Packing Machine

All products are placed on the desktop. Which is made of stainless steel. And the automatic tray system is placed on it. It has a central control panel that employs all the electronic equipment.

The skiers are designed to be capable of producing ice cream. The chain movement system is designed to work at temperatures below 50 ° C and does not run into problems. The cooling unit is either made from ammonia or freon, and according to the conditions The climate is either from an air condenser or a water condenser.

The freezing tunnel is designed for galvanized compressed polyurethane insulation and does not create a good loss of cold insulation. The first-class packaging machine is equipped with an electronic eye and ice cream is placed inside the cellophane without interference.

commercial extruder lines price

commercial extruder lines price in india

As you can see, each of these components is designed precisely to make ice creams well. And the price of this product in Iran is excellent and you can get good quality and cheap price. India is one of the populous countries that can use ice cream makers to produce the best ice creams. You can contact us for any extruder lines industrial models.

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