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Buy Ice Cream Machine In Kazakhstan

Buy Ice Cream Machine In Kazakhstan, after independence and good governance of Kazakhstan’s leaders, it has seen a multiplier growth. Many people in Kazakhstan tend to produce industrial ice cream.

Because they have a good market for selling and exporting ice cream to European and Russian countries. The production of industrial ice cream is driving the country’s growth and prosperity, so the government is also supporting producers.

Because of the geographical location of Kazakhstan, many surrounding countries can be good buyers for ice cream produced there.

Ice cream is a popular snack in the world. Therefore, ice cream production is very profitable with industrial machines. BEANISA manufactures various types of Industrial ice cream machines.

BEANISA offers a great discount for those who buy Industrial Ice Cream Maker for the first time.Buying ice cream machine in Kazakhstan, and producing and selling ice cream, contribute greatly to the country’s economic growth. It also creates employment for many young people in the country.

Due to the proximity of BEANISA Company with Kazakhstan, the cost of transporting industrial ice cream machines to Kazakhstan is low.

Of course the quality of our devices is very high and it is competitive with European brands. We are waiting for your messages from Kazakhstan to guide you to Buy ice cream machine in Kazakhstan in the shortest time.

industrial ice cream machine shipping

Time and cost of shipping in buying industrial ice cream machineit’s too important. It is better for the quality of the devices to arrive sooner.

Those who decide to make industrial ice cream in Kazakhstan are better off buying from BEANISA because they pay less and less time.

For those who start making ice cream for the first time, we recommend starting with a stick ice cream machine. Because there is so much variation in the production of stick ice cream, you will have a high profit from selling ice cream from the beginning.

what is the best ice cream machine to start?

We recommend all types of Rotary filling ice cream machine and stick (magnum) ice cream machine to all those who make industrial ice cream for the first time.

Because the ice cream these machines produce is very popular and best-selling. By selling more of these ice cream and making more profit you can expand your ice cream factory.


  • Stick ice cream production line can be designed and made with 1 row and up to 4 rows
  • Output capacity will be from7,000 pcs up to 32,000 pcs per hour
  • Packing machine with 6 rows up to 16 rows similar to Gram model
  • Packing machine with 4 rows up to 9 rows similar to Hoyer model

Control System

  1. Easy and accurate settings through HMI
  2. Accurate synchronization of all movements
  3. User friendly, easy and efficient connector
  4. Stable program and accuracy in details
  5. 20 motion control axes under ETHERCAT network
  6. Use of adjustment algorithms for decreasing the effects of the machine vibrations
  7. Capable of storing recipes in the memory

Buy ice cream machine in Kazakhstan

If you are looking for a high-paying job, be sure to consider industrial ice cream. We help you find the best industrial ice cream machines at the lowest cost.


Buy ice cream machine in Kazakhstan Ice cream production can turn you into a real rich man in Kazakhstan. Ice cream is the only snack that has many fans of all ages.

BEANISA has also given its license to all those who can advertise in industrial ice cream maker in Kazakhstan. You can definitely become the richest person in the world if you can promote our devices well.

Kazakhstan ice cram machinary manufactur

All buyers are interested in buying directly from manufacturers. BEANISA has made it possible for all buyers to visit our Ice Cream Machine Manufacturing Company directly.

This makes it easy for all manufacturers to buy from our products. Our company designs all the equipment needed for an ice cream factory.

You need to know that to make a quality ice cream you definitely need to have a quality freezer. You have to be very careful in making the freezer so you can make good ice cream. Freezers have different types.

  • Automatic Freezer
  • Manual Freezer

Our freezers are capable of producing 400 to 1200 liters of concrete per hour.

Refrigerator compressor(KW) R404A
Condensation Water
Evaporating temperature -35c
Mix inlet temperature +3c
Ice cream outlet  temperature -5.5/6c
Dasher motor(KW) 11

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