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ammonia refrigeration system best used ice cream

We introduce the ammonia refrigeration system in this article. You can use an ammonia freezer for industrial ice cream production. Which is made with the best quality.

ammonia freezer

One of the products that the factory produces and supplies. Making ammonia freezer. This product is produced with the best parts for customers. You need ammonia glaciers to make any type of ice cream.

Do you know how the ammonia refrigeration system works? And what is the return?

Ammonia refrigeration system

Ammonia glaciers are needed to produce ice cream. Which has a very good character. You can use this machine to produce any kind of traditional and industrial ice cream. The parts of this machine include:

  • Gear pump
  • Control panel
  • Defrost

sale ammonia freezer

Each of them has different stages of construction. We will explain it briefly.

Gear pump

Two gear pumps are installed on the front of the machine. The first pump is mixed and available in the second pump, and the product is prepared from the main cylinder and into the intended machine.

  • Pump movement by gear motor
  • Adjustable pump speeds

ammonia freezer

Control panel

Installed at the top of the freezer and includes:

  1. Display and set the refrigerator
  2. Adjust the amount of air necessary to increase the volume of the product to 100%
  3. View parameter and touch screen
  4. Self-passion system automatically

ice cream machine


In the event of frost, in the event of a non-stop, the gas-fired boiler will automatically operate the DHW.

As you know, you should use modern equipment and appliances to produce ice cream in large quantities. This way, you can buy the best systems for your plant through this site.

The company has a tremendous potential for the production of ammonia freezer and other devices that you need. To use this ice cream machine, you need to communicate with us. Call now and buy best ammonia freezer.

Ice cream machine high

ammonia refrigeration system design

For the production and manufacturing of refrigeration and freezer types, the best parts are used. Freezers or refrigerators are usually used for either frying or ammonium gas. These two can be changed according to customer demand. But most of the production is with Freon gas.

This machine is based on the proper engineering in the factory. With this machine you can produce and sell the best ice cream in the short run. In our company, every kind of ice cream machine is produced in bulk and sold on the domestic and foreign markets.

Mini ice cream machine price

ammonia refrigeration system components Iran

There are not many companies in the world working in the field of machine manufacturing. You can produce ice cream with this machine. Our company has the ability to produce the best machine in the Middle East. And can buy at cheap prices starting at $ 300 averages.

This machine is made by professional engineers working in the company and is in line with the new technology of 2019. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the company to buy a new refrigerator and freezer. Know that we produce and offer you the best ice cream freezer.

ice cream machine low price

best commercial ice cream machine

We know that we are trying to produce the best industrial machinery in Iran and export it to other countries. Therefore, the technical team of this complex is much more powerful than before and can produce the best devices of the best quality in Iran and send them to Arab countries. We can have good interactions with customers at the level of the tribute from Iran and thus to provide any kind of device at international prices more suitable than other companies.

types of commercial ice cream machines

So contact us to get the best ice cream machine. Our goal is to supply the best industrial machinery to Europe and Asia.

ice cream freezer size buy

You can buy different models of freezers from this company, which are made with two freon and ammonia gas. Do you know how to buy different sizes of ice cream makers? We are one of the best manufacturers to offer you a wide range of ice cream makers and freezers. You can buy the best machines at cheap prices and good quality from us.

Buy automatic machine

Do you know what the best ice cream maker does for manufacturers? With this device, you can automatically produce the best ice cream in a delicate and delicious manner. Because these machines are manufactured by this company and the best components and performance are produced and exported to all over the world.

ice cream freezer 300 ltr

You can use different machines to produce ice cream and one of these machines is a ice cream freezer that is produced in Iran at various sizes. And you can choose any of these models based on your production per day and hour, which include:

  1. 1200
  2. 1000
  3. 800
  4. 600
  5. 400
  6. 300

These produced sizes have the best advantage for manufacturers, and you can create ice cream with this freezer, which is made up of the finest mixers and mixers that blend well with ice cream and into other parts.

industrial ammonia freezer

ice cream freezer price

The prices of these devices are based on the quality and the parts and the models are different. So you can buy the best machines from this company cheaper than European companies. We assure you that you can negotiate with us and buy the best.

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