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Ammonia freezer saf 600 with best price list

Ammonia freezer saf 600 is one of the best machines in the ice cream industry. This machine works with ammonia system and the company has produced and supplied a large number of ammonia freezes. Which has the best quality and efficiency. And has a capacity of 600 to 1200.

ammonia freezer saf 600

Ammonia freezers are one of the most important devices in ice cream production. Which has a great application and efficiency in the production of each ice cream model. In this section, we will familiarize you with the advantages of this device.

ammonia freezer saf 600

Ammonia freezer saf 600

This is a very important device in the manufacturing industry. It is necessary for any factory to produce ice cream at the industrial level. Advantages of this machine include:

  • Production capacity 600 liters of ice cream per hour
  • Producing any kind of industrial and traditional ice cream
  • It has piston and gear pumps
  • Made from stainless steel
  • It’s easy to work with

production ammonia freezer

Technical data

Model Saf 600
Normal capacity up to 600/L/h
Liquid refrigerate Nh3
Required- refrigeration load (kw) 18.5
Evaporating temperature -35c
Mix inlet temperature +3c
Ice cream outlet temperature -5.5/6c
Dasher motor(kw) 11
Mix pump(kw) 1.5
Overall installed power(kw) 12.5
Main dimensions (cm) A=175 b=95 c=165
Net weight(kg) 800

This device can be matched and installed by other devices. Mass production of ice cream is achieved through this.

The prices of the devices produced are at the best possible prices. You can connect to the company to build any kind of device and get information. Ice cream machine is produced in various types.

ammonia freezer saf 600

The features of the devices produced are very large and cost-effective for the customers. On this basis, you can check and order any type of device you are considering through the site.

Ammonia freezer saf 600 price list

Ice cream machine model price
Ammonia freezer Saf 600 Call


The pricing on all of the company’s products is very suitable. Customers can be linked to more information in cyberspace. Or by phone.

The goal of the company is to provide the best price and quality to our customers. We are waiting for your call.

ammonia freezer saf 600

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